The 5 C's of Love

It's just something about the letter "C" that places it at the beginning of a bunch of words that relate to real love.  I have to qualify the word love because it has been abused and misused so much in our world today.  We let the entertainment and other communicative industries tell and teach us what love is and most times they could not be further from the truth.  You know how in the movies in the heat of passion two people just rip off their clothes and start doing the nasty?   That ain't love.  The reason there are so many broken marriages and broken homes is that people realized after the nasty that they actually had to talk with one another.  Some found that when that inevitable moment occurred they had issues and conflicts because they didn't know the person they were speaking with.  What they did know was that they weren't that crazy about them and for sure did not "love" them.  There were no "C's" present in the relationship.  When the "C's" are not present, love ain't either. 


The state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled.  This should happen before intimacy.  Before I allow you to in-to-me-see, we should have already agreed on some things concerning where our relationship is going.  We must be led by the Spirit so we don't let the physical rule us.  We don't let our nature and appetites lead us to do things without thought.  Single parenting is a product of having sex and then having babies before any commitment was ever made between the two parties.  We just lie down together and hope for the best.  We are finding we can't get best, out of mess.  Don't get me wrong, I know that we are all human and we make mistakes consciously and unconsciously.  I'm just saying that when we decide to think with our Spirit and our minds, things have a tendency to work out better.  That's even applicable with diet.  You know you shouldn't have had that last piece of cake or pie, but you did it anyway.  You didn't have to eat until you were so full they had to call two rides for you, one for you and another one for your stomach and butt.  If nothing else if we would just commit to thinking before we make decisions we would fare considerably better.  All decisions have outcomes, consequences, and possible repercussions.  Think about that and then think before you act.

A process by which information is exchanged between individuals; also : exchange of information; personal rapport.  People wake up!   Unless we are gifted with the ability to communicate and hear through telepathy and are capable of mind reading, we have to talk to one another.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH AND ON TO THIS PAGE?  There should be a lot of communicating going on even before the commitment phase.  How can we commit to someone or something without first knowing who or what that is that we are committing to?  Why would we?  Please note the phrase information "exchanged".  Communication is a two way street with two components: speaking and listening.  Or in my case being a man, listening and speaking.  My brothers we need to do a better job of listening so we can know the right thing to say.  We all need to harness our more sensitive side when looking for or dealing with our better halves.  Let me get to know you, and you get to know me.  In the Bible God said Adam "knew" Eve and then Cain and Abel were born.  He made the term "know" have a duplicity of function.  The actual knowing through commitment, communication, compassion, consideration and compromise combined with the intimacy that the C's inspired and birthed something living.  Know somebody before you do somebody.  Know somebody before you get with somebody.  Talk, listen, hear and relate and do it with more than just your body, do it with your mind and Spirit.  More C's to come, stay tuned to the love blog, because it's all!

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